Digitizing the Future of Community Pathology: DigitCells Kicks Off CAPA Online Lecture Series
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The landscape of pathology is changing, and DigitCells is proud to be at the forefront of this evolution. Last month, we partnered with the Chinese American Pathology Association (CAPA) to launch their inaugural online lecture series, showcasing the incredible potential of digital pathology for community hospitals. As the series sponsor, we were thrilled to host the first lecture, featuring Dr. Kabeer Shah, DO, the leading dermatopathologist for St. Mary’s Hospital Network. 


Dr. Shah, a renowned expert in his field, delivered a comprehensive overview of “Integrating Digital Pathology Into Community Practice.” He delved into the practicalities of implementing digital pathology within the unique constraints of community healthcare settings. The discussion explored the tangible benefits for both patients and pathologists, including: 

  • Enhanced diagnostic accuracy: High-resolution digital images, along with the potential for integration with AI-powered tools, can increase diagnostic confidence and minimize errors. 
  • Improved workflow efficiency: Accessing slides remotely, streamlined collaboration capabilities, and faster consultation turnaround times enhance overall operational efficiency. 
  • Greater accessibility and patient care: Digital pathology enables easier sharing of patient data with specialists, regardless of location, leading to improved access to expert consultations and more informed treatment decisions. 

Dr. Shah also shed light on the diverse array of augmented intelligence (AI) tools available to empower community pathologists. From image analysis algorithms to decision support systems, these tools can augment expertise, enhance workflow, and ultimately, lead to better patient outcomes. 

While technical difficulties prevented a recording of the inaugural lecture, we at DigitCells understand the valuable insights Dr. Shah shared. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a reprise of this webinar in the near future, featuring Dr. Shah once again. This will ensure everyone interested in digital pathology’s potential for community hospitals has an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights. 

DigitCells is deeply committed to supporting the CAPA community and empowering pathologists throughout the United States. We believe that digital pathology holds immense promise for enhancing patient care, particularly in community settings. By facilitating knowledge sharing and providing essential resources, we aim to bridge the gap between innovation and everyday practice. 

Stay tuned for updates on the rescheduled webinar with Dr. Shah, and be sure to follow DigitCells and CAPA for future online lectures and resources. Together, we can shape the future of pathology and ensure that every patient benefits from the latest advancements in healthcare technology. 

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Scott Kilcoyne
DigitCells Cofounder & COO