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Complete Digital Pathology For Your Laboratory

High Speed Increased Capacity:

Load up to 120 (400?) slides with continuous loading- ideal for larger volume laboratories

Options and Scan Modes:

Simple to use WSI for high-quality digital images. Z-stack scanning feature for complex slides. Ability to auto-upload your slide images to our secure cloud server or your LIS. AI-powered software to improve workflow performance.

Brightfield and Fluorescence Scanning.

The ability to have up to six fluorescence channels for molecular biology, transgenic, and immunofluorescence studies. Bright Field mode enables higher contrast with darker, highly or multiply stained samples.

Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

DigitCells KF Pro 005
Digital Pathological 5 Slides Scanner

This Equipment Is The Most Reliable DP Scanner Around The World. It Helps To Solve The Shortage Problem Of Pathologists.

DigitCells KF Pro 020
Digital Pathological 20 Slides Scanner

One Of The Most Reliable Scanners Worldwide. It Meets The Major Needs Of Almost 70% Of All Clients.

Digital Pathological 40 Slides Scanner

It’s Used To Scan Human Tissue Slides, Compress and Store Them For Subsequent Retrieval and Viewing Of Digital Images.

Digital Pathological 120 Slides Scanner

This Instrument Is Used For Digitizing Large Batches Of Slides, Helps To Set Up A Digital Slides Database.

DigitCells KF-Pro-400
Digital Pathological 400 Slides Scanner

It’s Applied In Scanning Human Tissue. It Converts Glass Slide Into a Digital Image And Stores Them, For Future Digital Slides Searching And Browsing.

Contact DigitCells today and discuss how we
can work together and advance your goals. 

Contact DigitCells today and discuss how we can work together and advance your goals.