Why choose us?

Complete Digital
Pathology For
Your Laboratory

High Speed, High Volume

Quality pathology imaging with capacity from 5 slides to 1200 slides in a single batch. Continuous and automatic slide loading available. Choose your optimal solution.

Options and Scan Modes

Feature rich technology including automated and manual scan modes, Z-stack and merged imaging, Intelligent scanning and AI-powered software to improve workflow performance (in development).

Brightfield and Fluorescence Scanning

With exceptional brightfield images and the option for Whole Slide Fluorescent Imaging up to ten channels, DigitCells has what you need to visualize and map genetic material. IHC, Special Stains, Bladder Cytology and much more. All from a single instrument.

Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

DigitCells KF Pro 005
Digital Pathological 5 Slides Scanner

One of the most reliable slide scanners worldwide. It is designed to address low volume scanning. Curbside consults. Differentials, peer review and pathologist shortage.

DigitCells KF Pro 020
Digital Pathological 20 Slides Scanner

KF-PRO-020 is one of the most reliable scanners worldwide. It meets the major needs of almost 70% of clients.

Digital Pathological 40 Slides Scanner

Single magazine high capacity scanning for low to medium volume laboratories.

Digital Pathological 120 Slides Scanner

This Instrument Is Used For Digitizing Large Batches Of Slides, Helps To Set Up A Digital Slides Database.

DigitCells KF-Pro-400
Digital Pathological 400 Slides Scanner

Whole slide imaging converts glass slides into digital images. Provides improved slide management, data and storage for easy sharing of pathology cases.