Streamline your AP workflow and improve diagnostic accuracy with our digital pathology solutions.

  • Everything you need, all in one place:
  • Turnkey setup: Get started fast with security and cloud included.
  • Boost efficiency: Save time and improve workflow with AI integration.
  • Sharpen your diagnoses: Share cases with colleagues and access digital analysis tools.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Laboratory


Our digital imaging systems use Olympus objectives to produce high-quality slide images quickly, increasing your diagnostic yield while lowering costs.


Share slides easily to collaborate with colleagues worldwide in real-time. Use AI data to enhance clinical outcomes across digital pathology and molecular testing.


We provide full-service histology, pathology, & molecular services (NGS, RTPCR, Metagenomics), genetic counseling, clinical trial support, and tissue repository.

Optimize Your Laboratory

Healthcare Communication

We help you find the right way forward with meaningful collaborations that suit your lab and make your goals a reality

Patient Support and Access Programs

We provide full program design and support where needed so you can expand your drug discovery, laboratory informatics, and diagnostic services

Dynamic Deployment

Accelerate your laboratory by partnering with an experienced team of professionals. We are with you every step of the way for pathology, digital, and molecular services

Our Hardware

DigitCells Hardware Capabilities

Experience our lineup of Whole Slide Imaging Systems for both Brightfield and Fluorescent Scanning 

Multiple Systems, Scalable Solutions

From 5-slide capacity
all the way up to
1200 slides in a
single batch

DigitCells KF Pro 005

Olympus Objectives

All of our systems use
high-quality Olympus objectives

Award Winning Hardware

Powerful Hardware with all the speed and features you need to increase diagnostic yield and efficiency


5, 20, 40, 120, 400 and 1200 capacity systems to meet your every need

DigitCells KF-Pro-400

Improving Data
& Outcomes

By combining AI-driven data of molecular testing and digital pathology to improve clinical data and outcomes 

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